Afton Volunteer Fire Department

Afton Central Fire Protection Association Board of Directors

AVFD signLarry Weis, President; Kermit Davidson, Vice President; Keith Brown, Secretary/Treasurer; Brett Weis, Fire Chief; Larry McGuire; Terry Gilbert; Ken Peppmeir; Cindy Cheers, Jeff Welch; Denny Wimmer; Cindy Williams, Afton Council Representative.

Afton is very proud of the men and women that currently volunteer and those who have volunteered in the past for the fire and or rescue departments. Their dedication has created quality departments that provides coverage 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Our fire and rescue department consists of 26 members, all volunteers. They cover 200 square miles plus respond to mutual aide calls with surrounding communities. There was a lot of work and effort put forth for obtaining grants, donations etc. for the equipment and turn out gear. Also many hours have been devoted by the men and women who volunteer for training.

We have a very dedicated medical team for your protection and safety. They spend many hours to insure that you get the best first responder care available. Not only do they go through first responder, EMT, and CPR training, they continually update and practice their training monthly. They have a medical director, Dr Chuck Hoyt, D.O. who meets with them on a regular basis and goes over each call for quality and improvement. Keep in mind that this is all volunteer services, Afton is very lucky to have such a great team. These people not only keep up on their medical end but also on the firefighting part also. They are one of the best teams in southwest Iowa, so you can be assured that when you have a fire or a medical need you are in good hands.