City Maintenance

Jesse Shade, City Maintenance/Sewer

JesseJesse Shade, Maintenance/Sewer employee, was born & raised in Afton and started working for the City October 5, 2015. He replaced Monte Parrott, who retired December 31, 2015.  Part of the requirements are to have a grade one lagoon license, be up-to-date on street repair etc, running a maintainer and a list of many more.

The street/maintenance/sewer department is responsible for street maintenance (potholes, street repair), sewer, snow and ice removal, storm sewer repair (inspections, blockages, cleaning) and maintaining all City owned properties. He also replaces stop, yield street signs when needed, animal control officer and takes care of the tree dump.

If you have a concern or need your ditches or culverts cleaned or repaired, call City Hall at 347-5224.
Culverts: Each dwelling receives one culvert installed free of charge. If the property owner requests the culvert be moved or replaced, it is the responsibility of the property owner to pay for all costs incurred. The City will replace a culvert only if there is failure of the culvert or it’s not routing or draining water properly. Determination of replacement will be made by the City.
1. All culvert expenses
2. All labor incurred by city employee
3. All rock used in installing culvert
Other charges – Money to be paid before delivery
Backhoe 1 scoop rock – $40.00 delivered
Backhoe 1 scoop sand – $40.00 delivered
Backhoe 1 scoop dirt – $20.00 delivered
Sewer machine $85.00 per hour includes employee