Storm Shelter

Important Information Regarding the Safe Room/Tornado Shelter
Located at the East Union Community School District

All community members and visiting members of the East Union School District may access the Safe Room/Tornado Shelter when severe weather warnings have been issued. The Safe Room/Tornado Shelter is located in the East Union Elementary School and entrances are marked Tornado Shelter.

Please note the following:

  1. If the potential for severe weather looks likely, during school hours the Safe Room is unlocked. During after school hours when a custodian is on duty, he/she will unlock the entry doors and Safe Room area.
  1. During hours when no one is in the school, the Safe Room will be unlocked by the Afton Police Officer on duty or one of the persons listed on the Operations/Maintenance Plan.
  1. All emergency response personnel will utilize various methods of tracking the storm: NOAA Weather Radios, KCCI weather service radar, KSIB news, radar and police/fire radios. Union County Emergency Management will also be a source of information during a severe storm event via radio broadcasting and phone contact. Weather forecasts for Adams, Clarke, Ringgold, Adair, and Taylor Counties will be closely monitored.
  1. Once a severe storm event is imminent and headed in the general direction of Afton, the City’s severe storm outdoor warning siren shall be sounded day or night.
  1. Once the severe storm warning has been sounded, the school, officer on duty or other personnel assigned to assist will help to get people into the Safe Room in a safe and orderly manner. Once people are in, the officer or assigned personnel will secure the Safe Room doors.

A detailed Operations/Maintenance Plan is posted at Afton City Hall, the East Union School District, and on both websites. For questions, call the Superintendent’s Office: 641-347-5215. Click here for a copy of the Operations Mannal Plan