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Afton Splashpad

The splash pad in Afton is becoming a reality. All the elements are up & the concrete is poured. Next comes putting in the sod, and painting the design and color on the concrete. They have to wait 28 days for the concrete to cure before painting it. Plans are the opening to be Memorial weekend.

Splashpad 2


Afton Council Approved Cemetery Rate Increases Recommended by the Greenlawn Cemetery Board Effective May 1, 2015

The increases are: Raising grave openings from $400 to $500 on weekdays and from $550 to $700 on weekends and holidays. Regular urn from $150 to $250 on weekdays and from $200 to $400 on weekends and holidays. Creamation urn vault to $350 on weekdays and $500 on weekends and holidays. Space fee (one person per space) from $300 to $400. Six spaces equal one lot.

The surrounding area cemeteries are currently charging $500 to $800 to open a grave on weekdays and $650 to $1,100 on weekends and holidays. Cremation urns and vaults from $225 to $475. Space fee at the surrounding cemeteries is $400.                                            ___________________________________________________________

Hydro-Klean  Starting Sewer Lining Process in Afton

There will soon be activity on West Filmore and South Browning  as Hydro-Klean starts televising and cleaning sewer pipe to prepare for the lining. This process is cost effective and prevents the need for digging up pipe and replacing it. This is the same process that was done on East Filmore.

They televise, clean and run an epoxy pipe lining system that  will line the sewer pipe with a seamless new pipe inside the old  pipe. This new pipe  inside a pipe offers a lot of benefits over the old pipe. Roots cannot penetrate the new lining on the sewer pipe and with no seams the flow rate will improve over the old cast iron,  pvc, or clay sewer pipe. There are other benefits such as calcification can not take place on a lined sewer pipe.