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13055329_631194770379925_7511398753384219799_nBasketball Court Surface
Our next project for the park….basketball court surface! The cost of the surfacing installed and two Goalsetter systems is $18,950. We are applying for grants and taking donations this year and hope to have it installed first thing next spring. We are needing letters of support for the grants so if you will use the court more once it is surfaced please share in a letter to us. Or if you want to donate please let us know. Thanks!!!
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Affordable Housing Opportuity

We have partnered with Union County Development Association on our lot at 409 West Filmore.  If you are interested in a new home on that lot…please get in touch with City Hall (641) 347-5224 or call UCDA at 641-782-2003!

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Road Closed PicThe Highway 169 project will be starting April 11th. Although it will be a slight hassle for a couple months, by the first part of July (hopefully) we will have a nice smooth section of highway coming into Afton from the South! The Highway 169 section that will be closed down to traffic is from Filmore Street South to 195th Street (City Limits). Filmore Street intersection will remain open as the project will start just south of the intersection. Please help us spread the message so people that come into town from the South will be prepared to find another route into town. The company doing the excavation of the road will be starting on the north end of the project (near Filmore) and working south so Browning Street intersection will be open for a while, but will close when they reach the south side. After Browning intersection closes there will be NO entrance into Afton on Highway 169 (completely closed) so country roads will need to be used for local traffic. The company will start paving back from the south to the north and open Browning street intersection up as soon as possible (could be closed 15 working days or a month though). Please bear with this project and remember the end result will be worth the 2 or 2 1/2 months of detours. THANKS!!!