Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I call the Afton Police Department?
A. For an EMERGENCY, dial 911. If you want to speak to an officer, you may contact the Afton Police Department at 347-5255 or call the Union County Law Enforcement Center at 641-782-8402.
Q. My dog was out running and was picked up. Where’s the pound?
A. You must contact City Hall to have your animal released. There is an impoundment fee, daily charge for food and you must show proof of rabies shot before animal is released. Plus the City requires that everyone license their pet annually. Please bring proof of rabies shot to City Hall and you will be issued a license for $5.00. All pets are required to be under their owner’s control at all times, on a leash or confined in a home or yard.
Q. How can I reserve the shelter house in the park or Garfield Park shelter?
A. Contact City Hall at 641-347-5224.
Q. Where do I get my drivers license?
A. Driver licenses are issued at the Union County Court House in the Treasurer’s Office from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
Q. Do I need a building permit?
A. Building permits are required for all outside work including additions, garages and storage sheds. Permits are not required for interior work, replacing shingles or siding. Permits are issued at City Hall.
Q. Where and when is garbage picked up?
A. Garbage is picked up every Wednesday morning. Residents are furnished a brown toter and should be placed at the curb. Additional stickers are available at City Hall for $1.00.
One bulk item can be set out each week and must notify City Hall at 641-347-5224.
Q. When is recycling picked up?
A. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday morning.  Residents are furnished a brown toter with a yellow lid and should be placed at the curb Tuesday evening for Wednesday AM pick up.  See City Hall for a schedule and details on recycling.
Q How do I get rid of tree limbs and brush?
A. The City of Afton allows the burning of brush and yard waste. We also have a tree dump that is available. Please pick up the key at City Hall Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm or contact one of your council members after 4:30 pm and on week-ends.
Q. Does Afton have a local newspaper?
A. Yes, the Afton Star Enterprise
Q. I am just moving to town. Who do I contact for electricity, water, sewer, garbage, gas and telephone?
A. City hall for electric, sewer and garbage; SIRWA for water; Windstream for telephone and MidAmerican Energy for gas.
Q. Are there any service organizations in Afton?

A. Afton has a Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Beta Sigma Phi, and many church affiliated
Q. Where do I vote?
A. Normally voting is held at Methodist Church.
Q. Who do I call for cable television service?
A. Afton doesn’t have cable. You can call DISH or Direct TV

Q. I want to plant a tree (or dig a hole). Should I contact anyone?
A. Yes. Contact Iowa 1-Call at 811 or 1-800-292-8989 at least 48 hours in advance. They will schedule to locate all the power lines, cables, water and sewer lines.
Q. Where can I found information on Senior Living Resources?
A.  https://www.seniorguidance.org/assisted-living/iowa/