115 E KANSAS • PO BOX 199 • AFTON, IA 50830-0199
641-347-5224 •

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday through Friday

Got a problem? Call City Hall
For the quickest service on any problems you might have

Afton Police – 641-347-5255
Afton Fire & Rescue – 911
SIRWA – 641-782-5744
MidAmerican Energy – Residential Gas – 888-427-5632
MidAmerican Energy – Business Gas – 800-329-6261
Windstream – Residential Phone – 877-901-4692
Windstream – Business Phone – 877-902-4692

Storm Siren: A three (3) minute steady siren will sound if severe storms are in the Afton area. A one (1) minute steady siren will sound when the danger has passed.

Utilities: The City of Afton provides electric and sewer utility service. We bill monthly for these services and garbage collection. Your bill is mailed the first of each month and is due by the 20th. A penalty of 1 1/2% is added after the 20th. For your convenience, there is a drop box in the door of City Hall.

Deposit: A deposit intended to guarantee payment of bills is required for service connection, unless the applicant meets the credit criteria of previous prompt payment record with us or one year’s prompt payment credit letter from a previous utility.

Disconnection of Service Notice: A Reminder Notice, as required by the Iowa Utilities Board, will be mailed after the 20th of each month to notify you that your bill is delinquent and that you have 12 more days before disconnection of service. After 12 days, you will be contacted personally and/or your premises will be posted with a Disconnect Notice. This Disconnect Notice allows you 24 hours from time of posting to make payment and/or arrangements for payment or you will be disconnected. If disconnection does occur you must pay all accounts due plus a $50.00 reconnect fee.

Returned Check: A service charge in the amount of $20.00 will be assessed to any customer whose check is returned for insufficient funds by the bank. In addition, the customer will have 24 hours to make payment to the City, in cash, in an amount sufficient to cover the returned check and the service charge. If payment is not received as required, disconnection of service will take place.

Garbage & Recycling Collection: Garbage collection is every Wednesday and Recycling is every other Wednesday. Jim’s Sanitation, provides each residential household with two 96 gallon wheeled container (“Toter”) to be used for garbage/refuse and recycling (yellow lid) collection. Each residence is allowed to set out for collection, one “Toter” per week for garbage/refuse. Additional refuse and garbage will be collected provided the additional garbage or refuse is placed in plastic garbage bags and a “refuse collection sticker” is affixed to each additional bag. Bags may not exceed 30 gallons with a loaded weight not to exceed 40 pounds. The “refuse collection stickers” are available for sale at City Hall during normal business hours at a cost of $1.00 per sticker.

Sewer Service: All sewer service lines, the line from the house to the City’s main, is the property and responsibility of the property owner subject to inspection by the City. If you have a sewer problem, please report it to City Hall.

Electric Rates:
Monthly Demand Charge Energy • Regular Energy • All Electric* **
Residential $7.65                               $.1310                $.1200
Commercial $12.00                           $.1310                 $.1200
*All electric rates are applicable to eligible customers during the December 1st and June 1st billing periods.
**All electric rates are applied when electricity is the primary energy source for space heating and water heating.

Sewer Rates: Minimum charge – $7.50 + $3.64 per 1,000 gallons of water used.

Animal Control: It is unlawful for ANY ANIMAL to run loose at any time within the corporate limits of the City of Afton.
Impound Fees: If your animal is picked up and put in the pound, you shall pay an impound fee of $25.00 plus $5.00 a day holding fee. And you must show proof of rabies vaccination and have a current pet license before it can be released.
Rabies Vaccination: Every keeper of an animal shall obtain a rabies vaccination for such animal. It is unlawful for anyone to own or have in their possession an animal over the age of six months, which has not been vaccinated against rabies.
Pet License: Every keeper of a dog or cat shall obtain a pet license from the City of Afton. Yearly licensing fee is $5.00 per year for each pet, due in January of each year and obtainable at City Hall. Proof of rabies vaccination is required at time of purchase.

Open Burning: Open burning of landscape waste (grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, brush and trees) originating on the premises is permitted. However, burning must not be done on sidewalks, paved or seal-coated streets.

Building Permit: A building permit is required before any new construction or alterations take place. The same guidelines hold true for any electrical or sewer construction. Applications are to be made at City Hall.

Notary Service • Fax Machine • Copy Machine For your convenience these services are available at City Hall during regular office hours